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What if I want a custom Chicken Coop?

If you are considering having a custom chicken coop built, we can help! Building a custom chicken coop is a lot like building a mini home and the process should be taken seriously as it is an investment of time and money and we want you to be super happy with your completed coop! Depending on the complexity of your desires, a custom chicken coop can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, including the design phase all the way to the point of delivery!

Step 1 - Create an inspiration board of building designs that you love and home styles that you are trying to emulate with your custom coop! You should quickly start to notice some consistency in what you are gravitating toward.

Step 2 - Settle on a size and budget that you have in mind for your custom coop project!

Step 3 - Reach out to our design team using the form below and together we’ll brainstorm and identify your particular coop needs, and ask the questions we need answered to get to the rough design phase.

Step 4 - Cutest Coops will then get to work on the drawing board and will come up with some rough sketches in order to gather your feedback!

Step 5 - At this stage you will have some drawings in hand to work with and we will be awaiting your feedback! We will work hard to allow for as many revisions as necessary.

Step 6 - We will finalize the design and once you approve the plans we will get to building once we are in receipt of your deposit! Custom coops do require a 50% non-refundable deposit.


Whatever your vision is we can bring it to life! We have had clients ask us to build a variety of different coops such as; a structure that housed both a chickens and goats, a structure that was for over 100 chickens on a working farm or even a chicken coop attached to a greenhouse. Truly, the options are limit-less but it will take teamwork, we are ready for you when you are!

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