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What interior options do you offer in your coops?

We currently offer two interior layout options for our 6’x6’, 8’x8’, and 10’x8’ sized coops.

  • All Chicks Interior - If you are looking to maximize the number of chickens you care for, this interior package is for you! From the first step you take into the coop it is truly all focused on the need for space and function for your chicks!

  • Chicks & Peeps Interior - We understand that chicken coops are an important part of being a backyard chicken owner but that it isn’t always just about the chickens…it’s about chicken owners too! Because of our understanding of the needs of chicken owners, we have designed an interior layout option that is perfect for the Chicks and Their Peeps! With this interior layout option you will enjoy a few additional elements such as; a separate place inside the coop from your chickens, more storage, a nesting box inside of the coop and additional ventilation due to a floor to ceiling wall of hardware wire. If you are hoping for a larger coop with great functionality, this interior layout option is definitely for you!

How many chickens can I house in a coop? What size coop should I buy?

This really depends on you. Many experts claim that 2 square feet per chicken is enough for them to live comfortably in a coop. Our preference is to suggest 3 square feet because….well, chickens are pets to us and we want to avoid the negative consequences of jamming chickens in! That being said, here are our recommendations based on coop sizes…

Shop coops for Less Chicks

  • 4’x6’ Coops: 6-12 Chickens

  • 6’x6’ Chicks & Peeps Interior: 5-9 Chickens

  • 6’x6’ All Chicks Interior: 9-18 Chickens

Shop coops for More Chicks

  • 8’x8’ Chicks & Peeps Interior: 8-16 Chickens

  • 8’x8’ All Chicks Interior: 16-32 Chickens

  • 8’x10’ Chicks & Peeps Interior: 18-35 Chickens

  • 8’x10’ All Chicks Interior: 20-40 Chickens

What if I want a custom coop?

If you are considering having a custom coop built, we can help! We have had clients ask us to build a variety of different coops including; a structure that housed both a chickens and goats, a structure that was for over 100 chickens on a working farm or even a chicken coop attached to a greenhouse. Ready to get started on your custom coop? Contact our design team!

What's a Signature Coop Door?

Signature Coop Door

Signature Coop Doors have been custom designed with your girls in mind! They provide a large, screened in window to promote proper ventilation while safely protecting against predators.

How long does it take to get my coop once I place my order?

Coops that are ordered from our Cutest Coops Collections take between 3-6 weeks until they are ready to ship. This also depends on you, if you are in a huge hurry we want to know so we can work hard to get it for you in a timely fashion! NOTE: We need to know that your site is properly prepared PRIOR to arriving with your coop!

What kind of site preparation is required?

All coop sites need to be properly leveled prior to your delivery date! It is recommended that you level the area where you would like your coop to go 1’ larger than the footprint of the coop you purchase. For example, if you purchase a coop that is 4’ x 6’ your leveled area should be 5’ x 7’. The material we suggest utilizing for this leveling process is limestone. The ideal situation is that the limestone pad is 4” deep.

How does coop delivery work?

Most of our coops arrive to your home fully assembled (unless they are custom coops!) therefore you should expect a very large flatbed truck with a forklift like machine on it to help the installer place your coop exactly where you want it! Our runs are assembled on site.

What should I expect after my delivery?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the firmness of your yard therefore you should assume that our forklift may leave some tracks on your lawn. We work hard to keep this minor damage to a minimum but it is something we cannot avoid entirely so please accept our apologies now.