Classic Coop 8' x 8' - Chicks & Peeps Interior Option

Classic Coop 8' x 8' - Chicks & Peeps Interior Option

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The Classic Coop has been thoughtfully designed to compliment nearly any aesthetic. With its simple roofline this chicken coop has an understated elegance that will lend itself to either a traditional or transitional backyard setting. Making the right paint selection will allow for this coop to fit any décor!

Chicks & Their Peeps: We understand that chicken coops are an important part of being a backyard chicken owner but that it isn’t always just about the chickens…it’s about chicken owners too! Because of our understanding of the needs of chicken owners, we have designed an interior layout option that is perfect for the Chicks and Their Peeps! If you select this interior layout option you will enjoy a few additional elements such as; a separate place inside the coop from your chickens, more storage, a nesting box that is inside of the coop and additional ventilation due to a floor to ceiling wall of hardware wire. If you are hoping for a larger coop with great functionality, this interior package option is for you!

As shown: Main Color is GP Cream. Accent Color and Signature Door in Chestnut. Roof is Brown Metal with Copper Weathervane. View all color options

Run Size:
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Product Features:


- Shingle Roof with Drip Edge 
- Duratemp Siding Painted with Main and Accent Colors
- Run Opening with Ramp and Pulley System by Door 
- Set of 3 Nesting Boxes, 12" to bottom
- 6' Sidewalls and Access inside
- Set of 2 4' Wide Roosting Bars
- Dividing wall with door and use of 1/2 hardware wire
- 2 - 4' long shelves, 2x10's

- 5/8" Untreated Flat Plywood Floors 2x4's 
- Clean Out the Coop Door at 36" x 10" with Pull Up Door 
- 2 2'x3' Window with Extra Hardware Wire Screen
- Front Door with 2'x3' window with Hardware Wire Screen Top
- Use of 1/2 sq hardware wire
- Extra Screen Door (opens in)


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